QueryParam Chrome Extension Tutorial

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QueryParam Chrome Extension Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn about QueryParam Chrome Extension. QueryParam chrome extension is a utility for making urls easy.

For example: You have a website tech.raturi.in and there is a query parameter mob=false i.e., http://tech.raturi.in/?mob=false , that is used to render a mobile site. So everytime you have to modify your url mob=false and mob=true. Imagine if you have 10 or 20 or more, is not this a head ache to change the parameters everytime to render a different page. If you are having a similar kind of problem or is related than this extension is for you.

Refer to the github repo


  • Open extension on store

  • Click Add To Chrome


  • To use it you have to create action buttons once.

  • To create an action button, fill in the unique action name and action value with the query parameters you want attach in your urls whenever an action button is clicked.

  • Dont include ? in your action value.

  • Example for action value: m=t&a=t

  • Now you can see an action button has been created. Click on it and thats it.


If you found any bugs or have any improvements for this utility dont forget to contribute. Just create a pull request whenever you feel is the right time.

Repository Link